Sustainability has been part of the DNA of our company, Un Ocean d’Avance®, for the past 25 years. Environnement, innovation, creativity and excellence are part of our top-of-mind topics as not as simply an obligation but an imperative and a source of competitiveness for improvement.

We are focusing on providing solutions, on promoting services and products, on creating powerful programs and platforms that catalyse changes and actions for companies and societies and empower individuals.

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green chemistry

Co-founder with Dr. Yves Chauvin (Nobel Laureate 2005 in Chemistry) and producer of the annual European program called “Tomorrow... Towards a Selected Chemistry®”- "Demain... vers une chimie choisie®",

a “face-to-face" international conference between Nobel Laureates and high schools students to promote scientific careers, in particular in chemistry. Highly covered by media, this program was hosted at CPE Lyon/UCBL and at ENS Lyon and sponsored in particular by BASF, AXELERA (European cluster), IDECAT, (European network of Excellence), the French Ministry of Research and the French Ministry of Education and was attended by 3000 students, reaching up to 10000 European participants by Visio-conference. Prestigious invited Nobel Laureate speakers were Professors Dick Schrock, Bob Grubbs, Ei-ichi Negishi, Gerardt Ertl, Dan Shechtmann, Barry Sharpless, Jean Jouzel (GIEC).


“European Mobility Week” and road safety is the Europe-wide awareness-raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility. Paris and Lyon cities and industries showcased their commitment to clean and sustainable urban transport. We have developed this week- end long event for Lyon, from concept design to implementation and of the fundraising campaign, attracting more than 50 000 visitors, called “Village de l’Eco-Mobilite®” a Lyon and “Fete des Transports et de la mobilite" founded by Gerard Feldzer.

innovation & health

We created the Club “Santé Rhone Alpes®” with the support of Dr. Charles Mérieux, French virologist and the pioneer of the large-scale industrial production of vaccines who saved millions of lives in Brazil from meningitis. In this project, we worked with a group of 20 industrials, 30 public and private health facilities and laboratory members and we were able to provide 250 seminars and lectures.

ocean attitude

We depend on oceans : for more solutions helping to protect the ocean, Ocean Attitude is the influencer community you should join.

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art, culture & nature

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